App Coiner Pros And Cons

With the shocking pace at which is web based jobs are conning naive freelancers, it’s okay to perform a comprehensive background check on a website before you start your work. Now, let’s get back to the

question, what is app coiner all about? Actually, App coiner is a website that gives you money for testing apps. To do this job you need to have a tablet or Smartphone to test both IOS as well as Android compatible applications. For becoming a member at App coiner you need to invest $27 fee, after that you can simply access their huge database of applications where you can choose an application for testing.

App coiner is a great start for an experienced QA tester or for a wannabe software tester. The best thing about the program is that you will get 2 months money-back assurance. Hence, you have complete 2 months to check the program, and in case you are not happy with it then you can demand your money back.

How App coiner does actually works?

There are 4 major steps for the program to work.

Step 1 : Join the official website of App Coiner
If you want to become a member at app coiner you will need to invest $27. You need to spend this amount so that you can be able to access the database for finding applications that are all set to pay money. As confirmed by the support team, the amount $27 is needed to cover the expenses of salaries, maintenance cost, and website hosting to moderators as well as other expenditures. As soon as you register on the website, you will get the unique login credentials that you need to use in submitting and writing your app coiner review.

Step 2 – Select the Right Application to review
The vast database of app coiner has a lot of applications for iOS and Android. It is vital for you to choose application that is designed by veteran developers. This is as veteran developers frequently update their application and eliminate any virus from them. When you select an application for review then you will receive an exceptional url that is connected with the application however it is generally an affiliated url. You are supposed to use this url in your review because when any viewer read your post and download anything from the given url (which is originally an affiliate url) then you will earn money anytime he/she purchase an in-store product.

Step 3 – Write your own Review

As soon as you have downloaded an application and test it, it’s time for you to write the review. Prior to start writing you will need to login by using your credentials that you received in your e-mail. As we already stated that you need to write genuine review with no grammatical errors if you really want it to get consented with no delay or else your review continues to get rejected plus you need to correct any sort of grammatical errors before submission.

Step 4 – get payment

We have seen loads of reviews that mislead readers by stating that app coiner give payment for writing reviews which is false. In fact, you won’t get payment just for writing review rather you get payment when a user or viewer download the application from your post and do shopping from in-store products.

Of course, app coiner is a legitimate program and you can certainly make your fair salary in commissions relative to the in-app shopping. Irrespective of the negative aspects, app coiner gives money back guarantee to its users which makes it threat-free and complete trustworthy program.

Positive aspects of App Coiner
This program provides you with a range of applications to write their reviews.
The programs offers 2 months money-back guarantee to its members.
You can easily earn good sum of money from several application.
Test different applications and get commissions from those you like the most.

Negative aspects of App Coiner      

You ought to have your personal site for promoting the application you suggest. The program doesn’t provide you a deep clarification on how to encourage your app coiner review better
You will have to own tablet or smartphone

Know the disadvantages of App Coiner

Its unclear how you can earn money just by testing the chosen application; the website doesn’t clearly elucidate this in detail. 
Which raises a question, what is app coiner exactly about? Let us clear the concept for your better understanding. For earning money you will need to test the applications as per your interest and then write a review as well as publish it on your personal website. 

Just make sure that you own a website if you really want to earn money. They make it sound clear-cut by meaning that you generate money by ‘testing’ various applications when definitely you will get paid by reviewing those applications and advertising them on your site. Well, the website doesn’t exactly reveal the amount you will be receiving; but they simply assure you to make payment though Payoneer, direct check, or PayPal after every 2 weeks and add that the money you get is ‘depend on your work. Also, app coiner suggests that the applications are raw while they are present there. Means they have been tested already, and they just require promoting and advertising.

Do you want App-Coiner for Making money?

Well, it’s totally and completely up to you. Though the appcoiner’s support team doesn’t give you money just for writing review however they advertise your review with using various methods and ensure that your review reaches to utmost viewers. If you really feel that it’s quite hard for you to endorse your review then we would advise you to join this program. The team behind this program has different resources and ways and they invest money in endorsing your review. In addition, your $27 is like an investment which is returned with 2 months money back guarantee which means you have all 60 days to check whether or not you can recover your money. 

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